Below you will find examples of satisfied customers and business partners.


Below you will find examples of satisfied customers and business partners.

by smoco

Zsolt Andráskó, Managing Director VT Mechatronics Kft, Györ, Hungary
VT Mechatronics is the specialist for contract management for highly complex machines and machine modules. We have been working very successfully with Gunter Fauth for years.

Robert Sheng and Aki Zhang, German Industrial Park (GIP) Kunshan, China
We have a very close and successful cooperation with Gunter Fauth for years. We support German companies to expand their business in China.

Bernd Reitmeier, Managing Partner, Startup Factory (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., China
The Startup Factory offers German companies a range of opportunities to set up production sites in China. We have been working very successfully and cooperatively with Valegra and Gunter Fauth for years.

Tilo Ullmer | Managing Partner, CEO Fortuna Spezialmaschinen GmbH | Weil der Stadt
Valegra was a very trustful financial advisor selling my mid-sized engineering company. I was able to successfully complete my succession planning of my company based on the excellent deal preparation and competent execution of the M&A transaction with the consultants of Valegra.

Peter Augustin | Chief Operating Officer centrotherm photovoltaics AG | Blaubeuren
The consultants of Valegra have competently supported us in the corporate restructuring and the ESUG insolvency proceedings in finance, purchasing and sales, as well as in the redesign of business processes and made an important contribution to the restructuring of our group.

Susanne Wiegand | Managing Director Nobiskrug GmbH | Rendsburg
valegra has supported us excellent in our business controlling with professionalism and high competence.

Dietmar Ness | Managing Director Ness & Co. GmbH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau | Remshalden
The concept of valegra has convinced me completely!

Siegfried Bade | Board Member IGT AG Systemhaus für intelligente Gebäudetechnik | Marxzell
Since many years, the consultants of valegra join me successfully in different projects.

Kamyar Niroumand | CEO GFKL Financial Services AG | Essen
The experts of valegra have a very good understanding of business and knowledge about the market and the competition.

Volker Benzinger | Partner Ernst & Young GmbH | Stuttgart
We work confidentially together for many years.

Bernhard Dold | Board Member El-Net Consulting AG | München
Trust and a keen understanding of values is the flagship of valegra.

Robert Latka | CFO PrimaCom Management GmbH | Leipzig
I have developed and implemented a lot of different corporate management control concepts together with the consultants of valegra.

Markus Staudenmayer | Managing Director Braincourt GmbH | Leinfelden-Echterdingen
The experts of valegra are excellent professionals with a broad business experience. We have already implemented many successful projects with them.

Alexander Fink | Managing Director Edelmann GmbH | Zurich and Frankfurt
I personally know and respect the consultants of valegra for many years. It makes fun to work together.